Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just a Few of my Favorite Crochet Books. . .

Contemplative Crochet by Cindy Crandall-Frazier (Skylight Paths Publishing Co.)
Are all of you crochet fanatics familiar with one of the latest crochet books just released in the marketplace? This book is a new twist on our creative relationship with hook and fiber AND how it all works to keep us in touch with the spiritual side of life; each of us on our very own individual, but very creative spiritual journey. It is definitely a "must read", especially if your creative spirit has been a part of your existence since childhood (like mine has been). Or, even it hasn't been.

At this particular time in the history of mankind, many of us seem to be re-evaluating, or even re-discovering who we really are, as well as how we fit into the greater scheme of things from a spiritual standpoint. Contemplative Crochet is a collection of thoughts, theories, AND crochet patterns that help to put all of our re-discovery revelations into a new and very personal perspective. Besides that. . . it helps to validate our very own intimate connection to our beloved world of crochet. Available online at Barnes and Noble,, and Books A Million - $?

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